05 February, 2010

Major of Zakat

In Indonesia there are many Head of districs and mayors who care zakat. The head of district administration and the city has a greater interest in zakat affairs. One of them was the Mayor of Padang (West Sumatera), Fauzi Bahar. He cares not for alms 7.9 Richter scale earthquake which occurred on 30 September 2009 last. Long before the earthquake, the Mayor of Padang has done a lot for the development of zakat in Padang.

He on many occasions called on people to give to zakat. The call is increasingly emphasized to Padang Goverment employees. To support zakat redemption as a good habit that should be done, then by Mr. Fauzi Bahar used as a redemption due consideration variable employee performance appraisal Padang City Goverment. If pay zakat judged good, otherwise when not pay, then the performance will be judged low and can make bad performance assessed.

When motivating employees tithe before Pemko Padang, he explained that anyone who does not tithe will lose, because if they do not tithe, then often times the money will also be gone. Money that try restraint or avoided spending Zakah will usually also been used for various purposes that are not clear. Even the money was gone sometimes squandered for purposes that are not useful. Money should have a good deed can be a good opportunity to tithe, the end can not be utilized well, even the money and then run out to the various purposes that may not be useful.

In addition to tithe often deliver an appeal to the community, especially the civil servants Pemko Padang, Fauzi also supports Padang Zakat Organization with various support Padang zakat organization performance continues to increase. Whether the policy support, and with the support of facilities and resources. Mr. Fauzi also pioneered the provision of zakat payment facility at ATM machines Bank Nagari (Bank of West Sumatera Region). Candidates go live muzakki ATM machine locations Bank Nagari, with a little push the button, then the zakat has paid.

With every step and his efforts in developing zakat in Padang, it is not surprising that the set of zakat funds collected Padang zakat organization shows the fantastical figures. If in the year 2008, Padang Zakat organization able to collect zakat Rp 2.4 billion, then in the year 2009 and revenues achieved due Padang zakat organization was Rp 10.003 billion. This shows that in one year, Padang zakat organization has been able to improve the collection of funds by 316 percent. Union achievements USD 10.003 billion fund is also the highest achievement level Zakat organization district level / City in Indonesia at this time.

Currently he is also preparing measures in order to intensify the collection of zakat among wealthy people in Padang. In the days to come he would send officers to comb the houses of the rich in order to remind them to tithe. He also is considering to start improving the collection of alms in a way to mobilize coin donation. There are many other steps that will he do in order to improve the collection of zakat funds in Padang. With all that has been achieved and what will be done, it is worth if we call him Mayor of Zakat.

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