04 February, 2010

World Class Zakat Organization

Probably never imagined in the past, that the zakat organization (ZO) will eventually become world-class player. ZO is generally initiated with simplicity and without knowing about where anchored destination, is now finally emerging as an entity to be reckoned with. Their work slowly through the local level, plays a role in the national arena, and finally to the participation at the international level.

Various efforts were made in the development of ZO, the charity began distributing aid, the provision and management of facilities / infrastructure, general social, to the policy advocacy for pro-poor. From the starting model and knock doors donate mailing invitations, do a mass campaign directly, to the use of electronic media, sms donations and transaction services for the convenience of Internet banking charity. From the start a simple financial records, improving the welfare of personnel management, auditing and operational responsibility, until the application of quality management.

ZO gait has now entered a new phase to be a World Class Organization (WCO). This is an organizational stage to become a world-class organization. WCO is a recognized rating organization has reached global standards. Various international level compliance has been met by the WCO. WCO is an institution capable of line with other international organizations from various regions of the world.

Several elements must be fulfilled by the WCO is to have the pursuit of activities in the international rankings, has representatives or affiliates in several countries, have standards compliance (certification) as the management of world-class organization, competent management personnel and a world-class governance organizations (Good Organization Governance / GOG) quality known in the world.

WCO is required to always bear brilliant and visionary work in the context of human civilization to create changes. WCO is also expected to take full creative and breakthrough to awaken consciousness of mankind. WCO also be expected to bear the impact of strategic contributions in the area of international human fabric.
At the end of perfection as the WCO is also largely determined by the extent of suffering to care community organizations, politeness in serving the small people, the sacrifices in helping organizations and defend the oppressed, and always humble in the frame of interaction with the multi-stakeholder.

If all continues to clean itself ZO and strengthen the capacity of the organization, then realizing the world-class Zakat Organization is a necessity that will happen. Not only the business enterprise can be a WCO, but also Zakat Organization. Welcome Zakat Organization World Class!

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