07 February, 2011

Zakat Management Standards

The national standard of zakat management important soon realized and implemented by the management organization of zakat (OPZ). Therefore, the management of zakat must be professional, transparent and accountable.

The assertion was made Chairman of the Forum Zakat (Foz), Ahmad Juwaini at the seminar 'How to Measure Quality of zakat Organization and launching Indonesia zakat Management Standards', in Jakarta, Tuesday (2 / 2).

"Taking Care of zakat should not be like before, now have to seriously like taking care of the company,''he said.

So far, said Juwaini, each zakat institutions already have a standard reference management respectively. Among these are ISO certified. So far, there were four institutions have obtained ISO.

Still, said Juwaini, the differentiate standard is quite difficult for zakat organization, especially to measure and compare the performance of the existing inter-Zakat organization.
This is because each zakat organization has a reference standardization.

Later, said Juwaini, the existence of national standardization in the management of zakat at least contain two important elements, namely planning and results. Namely, the extent of Zakat organization can make good planning and be able to carry them out with good results also, that is able to serve the muzaki (zakat payer) and mustahiq (zakat receiver) well.
"It should be a tool for comparison quite balanced," he said.

After the standard management of the national zakat formed, said Juwaini, next target is certification. Ideally the certificate was awarded by an independent team so as to give assurance of quality and credibility of Zakat organization concerned. It's just the first stage must be done is socialization and dissemination. With so expected, each Zakat organization begin to implement these standards.

The same thing is said Vice Chairman of the Board Amil Zakat Nasional (Baznas), Naharus Surur. He said one of the fundamental efforts in order to realize the certification of Zakat oganization is a national standard that is used as a guide for Zakat organization. These standards have two important elements. First, standards of governance and management organization, such as administration and finance. While the second, the standard under the laws of fiqh of zakat. (Republika Daily Newspaper, Friday, February 4, 2011 at 09:39:00, Nashih Nashrullah, ed: wachidah handasah)