08 October, 2009


(Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore)

History Of Zakat Management on South East Asia
 Before 1990, zakat managed with traditional style
 Early 1990, Initiating management of zakat with professional‘s model or corporate approach
 Many zakat Institution in Southeast Asia success to collect zakat
 Interaction and relation between zakat institution in Southeast Asia at 2000, delivery need to exchange experiences and improve skills

South East Asia’s Zakat Conference
 South East Asia Zakat Conference, Kuala Lumpur, 13-15 March 2006 : initiating SEA Zakat Council
 SEA Zakat Council recognized by MABIMS as MABIMS Zakat Council (November 2006)
 South East Asia Zakat Conference II, Padang 30 October – 6 November 2007
 Forming and organizing MABIMS Zakat Council

Roles of MABIMS Zakat Council
1. Decide the case surrounding the issues of zakat at the regional level, both in terms of jurisprudence (Fikih) and management
2. Standardizing the zakat management competence, whether at the level of Amil, and organizational management
3. Conducting studies and research for zakat development in Southeast Asia
4. Conduct seminars, trainings and workshops in order to improve the quality of Zakat management
5. Conduct cooperation in the framework of the use or zakat distribution especially in the framework of realization of the pilot project in Southeast Asia
6. Initiate the formation of a regional zakat council in various regions other parts of the world.

Program Sinergy
1. Enabling Secretariat of MABIMS Zakat Council
2. Develop Jurisprudece of Zakat (Fikih Zakat) for southeast Asia
3. Develop Zakat Management Guide
4. Jointly conduct seminars and training about zakat
5. Conduct research zakat
6. Publishes Book, Magazine or Journal Zakat
7. Exchange or internship Amil zakat in other countries
8. Conduct joint program (pilot Project) of zakat

Note : This paper is pointer presentation on behalf Ahmad Juwaini as Chief of Indonesia Zakat Organization Association on MABIMS Zakat Council meeting, 5-7 October 2009

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