16 June, 2012

Zakat in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia known as a special country. Due to the Kaaba in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia there is a prayer to face the Qibla of Muslims around the world. In kingdom of Saudi Arabia there is also the Grand Mosque and the Prophet's Mosque as a most special of two mosques in the eyes of the Muslims in the world. In the second mosque daily prayers reward worth far more than the prayers in the mosque anywhere in the world.Every year millions of Muslims from around the world to come perform the Hajj in Kingdom Saudi Arabia. By using various modes of transport, Muslims flock to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia came to the country to carry out a procession of pilgrims who became the fifth pillar of Islam. The entire implementation of the pilgrimage undertaken by all Muslims strongly related to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.Other than through the arrival of pilgrims who generate large revenues, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia also has a tremendous source of oil. From the sale of this oil, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia can be termed as a rich country. No wonder when during the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia known as the country's petro dollars. Even so, by no means in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia there are no poor people.When a wave of Arab Spring in the Middle East region, in some arab countries turmoil demands political reform of its people. Some of the demands that ended with the fall of rulers in the Middle East countries. Anticipating this, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia issued a policy of granting subsidies for the unemployed in Saudi Arabia. Every citizen is unemployed saudi arabia 2000 Riyal get subsidies or equivalent to IDR 4.5 million per month. In addition to subsidies, also issued policies cover consumer debts by citizens of the kingdom of saudi Arabia.In Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, zakat tax-managed one-stop under the finance ministry by the name of Maslahatuz Zakat wad Dakhil. In Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, zakat obligated to individuals and companies owned by citizens of Saudi Arabia. For individual zakat, the kingdom of Saudi Arabia invited to the citizens of Saudi Arabia, to distribute zakat to the mustahik directly or through a charitable foundation. But the company's Zakat should be paid to Maslahatuz Zakat managed by the Ministry of Finance.Every company has to pay zakat to Maslahatuz Zakat will be awarded a certificate as a token has to pay zakat. Companies that have a certificate of payment of zakat will be facilitated for license renewal. Conversely, companies that do not have a certificate of payment of zakat, will not be renewed license. The company is owned not by the citizens of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are required to pay taxes. So the zakat paid by Muslim-owned companies, while taxes paid by companies owned by non-Muslims.Reception system that zakat was developed Maslahatuz Zakat as tax revenue in Indonesia. Zakat compiled by Maslahatuz Zakat chaneled into the Ministry of Social Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to be distributed to mustahik. Currently Saudi Arabia number of companies paying the zakat through Zakat Maslahatuz more than 400,000 companies. Total funds raised Maslahatuz Zakat is more than IDR 1000 Trilyun per year. This figure reached more than 70% of Budget Indonesia.With the amount of zakat collected a very large, while the number of poor people in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia less than Indonesia, the zakat fund in Saudi Arabia has the ability to adequately address the poverty of its citizens. Even Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, zakat funds have a chance to be distributed to other Muslim countries the shortage or famine. This is where the importance of cooperation between state zakat deserves to be developed. Cooperation of zakat  international organizations like the World Zakat Forum, should be helpful to seek the cooperation of international zakat.

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