11 May, 2012

Youth and Zakat Movement

In each community development, youth serve as the driving energy dynamizing changes in it. The spirit of courage and creativity of youth necessitates the birth of new ideas to inject life field rejuvenation process. The monotony of conventional and in a society has been transformed through the engagement and the dynamics of youth. Youth, is the true meaning of a particular age group in the social class of the community. Youth in the population pyramid, is often interpreted as the age group under 35 years old. But youth is indeed a tempestuous spirit in the breast of every man who always had the courage, creativity and innovation to give birth to something new in creating a state of repair. If we go into the development of zakat in Indonesia, no doubt we will find the fact the role of youth in changing the history of zakat in Indonesia. In the period before the late 80s, the atmosphere of zakat in Indonesia impressive world of traditional, conventional and monotonous. In this period does not seem a passion and excitement in the management of zakat in Indonesia. Partially sighted people tend to be skewed towards the management of zakat. Entering the late 80's and early 90's, especially with the emergence of organizations managing zakat "private", the world of zakat started by young people who are driven an average of under 35 years old. Even most of the crew manager at the zakat under the age of 30 years. The youths are generally newly graduated college this bench charity enter the world of the spirit world to bring the bubble of student affairs. They make the management of zakat as a new media struggle idealism has ever had as a student. Youth group is then burdened with the legacy of the past without the zakat world, make innovative breakthroughs in the management of zakat. This group of models which eventually led to a more modern zakat management, open, professional, and community-oriented benefits to make the profession as a manager of zakat (amil) into a profession can be proud of. In a further development, this youth group that has colored the management of zakat in Indonesia as a humanitarian movement, awareness and empowerment. In further developments, of course, these young people have left the meaning of born youth, as most of them are not young anymore. Youth group of the first generation of managers of this zakat organization has now grown into a group with experience who has owned stock. Wisdom and maturity of the group today may continue to be the inspiration that guides the movement of the wheel charity. The strength of this first generation to be supported by a group of second-generation youth to keep the freshness of the charity world. Zakat world must continue to be filled by the fresh graduates from colleges that still have the energy of youth is still full of idealism. World zakat should also always provide sufficient open space for young people to throw ideas dynamizing breakthrough for the development of zakat in Indonesia. Zakat should be able to accommodate the world of creativity and innovation of young people to continue to animate the movement of zakat. Management should also be able to Zakat Hammersmith media for youth development capacity. Well as the youth are developing themselves in the management organization of zakat, or alms when managers engage in activities that develop the ability of youth. Some of the activities to develop a youth empowerment charity such as the scholarships for students, training for youth entrepreneurship and the formation of voluntary organizations and care for adolescents. In the end, every process of development of youth, including those that occur in the world of zakat to donate the birth of the leaders who will color changes in society. The duty of all parties involved in the zakat
world to continue to make the elements of youth as an important element in the development of the charity movement.

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