09 October, 2011

Elegy of Somalia

The world we live in is, it should be is a beautiful place for all the sons of men. Each hemisphere is supposed to be a comfortable place for every man to weave the future of life. Laughter is loose in an area of ​​the earth, should be able to drive the smile that broke in other areas. Every joy that crosses in each corner of the world will be bliss for generating energy corner of the world. But now, when the majority of Muslims around the world to learn about hunger in the month of Ramadan, the population of Somalia has reached the end of hunger. Most of them have to withstand the pain of hunger that stab stomach limit their patience. Some had been dying to pick up his end. From day to day, constantly writhing body row that can not help scour hungry. Somalia, a country in the horn of Africa, already 20 years as a country that seemed self-governing. The country is hit by prolonged conflict. Civil war involving the militia of each region and ethnic-based groups no ending. Drought and the failure to create a food resource also continued to haunt. Coupled with the inability to develop trade and economic management, all resulting in Somalia became a failed state. Ultimately impact the suffering people of Somalia are endless. UN calls Somalia as a country that was ranked first in the world in terms of malnutrition. Currently estimated at more than 80% of children in Somalia are malnourished and 30% of whom suffer from acute malnutrition. World Food Programme (WFP) launch news that says that more than 3.7 million Somalis need food assistance. From a number of these, 800 thousand of whom are children. During drought and famine that peppered this conflict, tens of thousands of Somalis have died. To save themselves, Every week an average of 5000 Somalis are willing to walk for days in the hot sun to the refugee camps in Kenya and Ethiopia. To date, more than 175,000 Somalis have become refugees, in general they live in the border region of Kenya and Ethiopia. Somalis are not only faced with famine. Currently they are also threatened his life, because the Somali militia to hunt them in order to get the treasure. Somali militia in uniform and armed with rifles and pistols, it should keep residents who suffer from hunger. But in reality, they actually hunt down the people who are already suffering from famine. One of the disturbing actions committed by the militia of this happened some time ago. A 13-year-old girl and two sisters were abducted when their families managed to cross into Kenya. Parents third of these refugees were robbed, while three girls were taken hostage by the militia. For two days three siblings underwent forcible rape, before finally freed. Various voluntary organizations that want to provide help for the citizens of Somalia has run into difficulty. Not a few humanitarian organizations that are prohibited entry by the militia forces. The militants were blocking relief brought by human volunteers. There has been also militia kill aid workers. It seems that the suffering people of Somalia who appeared on the world stage, we will still continue to see. Bodies emaciated and pale face full of anguish still will adorn the world media screen. The birds that flew and perched vows in a former human bone beluang will still die of hunger terperagakan in the face of the earth's population, as long as we just stay quiet and sit on my hands. Song of death from Somalia may still be the entertainment for the citizens of the world that no longer cares. No one deserves done by us, except go and help them. As difficult as any we are feeling, we may still be set aside part of caring for them. While we continue to help overcome the difficulties of the nation, let a speck of human solidarity be a helper for them.

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