02 July, 2018

The Meaning of Caring

Caring is a basic value and attitude of attention and act proactively to the conditions or circumstances around us. Caring is an attitude of partisanship to engage ourselves in the issues, circumstances or conditions that occur around us. Caring people are those who are called to do something in order to inspire, change, kindness to the surrounding community. When he sees a certain circumstance, when he witnesses the condition of society then he will be moved to do something. What this does is expected to improve or help the conditions around it.

A caring attitude is an attitude of calling to help those who are weak, poor, help overcome suffering, and the difficulties faced by others. Caring people are people who can not stay silent to witness the suffering of others. Caring attitude is the attitude that is called to invite and remind the rich people who have been negligent to the suffering of the poor around them. Caring attitude is the attitude to be proactive in overcoming the problems in society by using and utilizing the existing resources in the community.

Caring attitude is the attitude of willingness to give solution to society problem. Invite the community to donate, so that people want to contribute, so that people choose volunteerism, so willing to help the difficulties of fellow`manusia. Caring Is the attitude to pay attention to the values ​​of humanity, always moved to help other human difficulties.

Caring attitude is the attitude to try to generate self-reliance in society. The people who care are the people who can not stay silent, see the weakness, the attitude to stand by and let the bad conditions continue to happen in the community. Caring attitude is an attitude to always share the suffering of others, to feel when the suffering of some other people is sick, to feel sad when some human beings are struck by disaster, difficulties or afflicted by circumstances that incriminate and arouse pity and compassion.

As an organization born from the womb of society's suffering, especially people living in a state of deprivation and suffering, the most important obligation of the organization is always to put themselves in a position to defend their interests, to fight for their rights, to be companions and friends for their lives and to advocate and help the small and oppressed (mustad'afin) people.

The organization will always be pro-active in defending the fate of the disadvantaged people who are tyrannized. Because of such conditions, the organization will be compelled to package the various programs as part of the help and defense of the fate of the oppressed. Another effort that is done is to always voiced and advocated the difficulties and oppression of the living people who lack it.

As an organization that plays a role in helping people who can not afford, helping the people most in need is a priority. When there are a number of people who need help, but the availability of resources is limited so it is not possible to help the whole people who need help, the organization will prioritize the most in need. Especially in the event of a disaster, then the priority of the most suffering is a top priority. In the context of the same level of quality among the number of people in need of help, there are still differences in life's difficulties, poverty or levels of suffering, then the organization will put the most need (the suffering most).

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