04 June, 2018

Waqf in Indonesia is Equal to the Wide of Singapore

The spacious of Waqf land in Indonesia if calculated is proportional to the wide of the country of Singapore. Waqf land in Indonesia amounts to 4.3 billion square meters. Wakaf land that is broadly it is a form of sleep land or unproductive land.

A lot of empty land in Indonesia is finally used by foreign countries. Some of them are even offered to foreign nationals. The condition can not be tolerated. Changes need to be made. Through the society movement, we invite the people of Indonesia to buy land by waqf to be utilized and be productive.

We must utilize unproductive lands in Indonesia to be converted into wakaf assets, then agriculture and livestock can be used to help farmers and the results can be used to support social activities.

The development of productive waqfs themselves, including in to utilize land is closely related to many things. This is closely related to the amount of wakaf assets, the capacity of Nazir, and social capital such as understanding and trust.

Great potential but many challenges, ranging from conventional understanding of society, low Nazir majority capacity, and need many productive waqf models that look applicative and real success.

mainstreaming the productive waqf by the Indonesian Waqf Board, Ministry of Religious Affairs, and non-government philanthropic institutions is very important. It is also necessary to conduct studies, research, publications, and regulations on productive waqfs and the need for more productive waqf pilot projects.

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