02 May, 2010

Indonesian Zakat Synergy

One of the dreams many people in Indonesia do is watch the synergy of zakat in Indonesia can be realized in a real. The numerous issues facing poverty, accompanied by the number of zakat organization in Indonesia raises hopes achieving better synergies. Hope was also concern on the synergy of the desire to manage the zakat in Indonesia requires above synergy between government and society a more solid again. Government and society no longer necessary for dichotomy in need equally involved manage zakat in Indonesia.

The importance of synergy is in order to concentrate its potential power for one interest or a common goal, to avoid overlapping programs run by each of Zakat Organization (OZ), utilizing the advantages of one hand to cover a weakness in others and create fabric and sustainability programs through the involvement of various OZ.

Type of synergy that might be realized are: 1) Synergy Strategic Interests Ummah, which is a synergy in order to finance and organize a unit of social activities that are considered strategic to the people of a certain time period, such as schools, hospitals, libraries, etc. 2) Synergy Programme Division, which is a synergy to implement a similar program areas such as education or health. In this type of synergy, OZ-who have the desire involved in the same field are expected to come together and appoint a coordinator for his area in order to implement the program. 3) geographical synergies, the synergies for implementing a program of utilization of Zakat in a region or regions. OZ-existing in one area together to harness synergies in order to overcome poverty and charity in their area of activity. 4) Synergy regional and international organizations, namely the campaigners of zakat in Indonesia should jointly pursue the realization of synergies zakat on regional and international levels. Zakat activists in Indonesia, together with activists from other countries to do charity, optimizing the utilization of zakat in order to reduce the inequality of poverty between countries, at least in the event of major disasters that befall a country.

The levels of synergy, at least can make zakat activists: Information Synergy, which is a synergy at the level to collect and gather information or data to then be processed and utilized together in order implementation of the program or service to all parties. The shape is another level of synergy Synergy Program, which is cooperating in the implementation of the program, especially in the context of the distribution or utilization of zakat to mustahik.

To realize the synergy of efforts, the Forum Zakat (Foz) as associate manager of zakat organizations throughout Indonesia that raise has conducted various activities in Indonesia synergy charity programs. In addition to various pilot programs that have been done synergy in the past, the last common synergy program undertaken after the earthquake is synergy, namely mosque building in the Tasikmalaya and construction of schools in Padang. Both programs are funded jointly by the members of the Foz.

Synergy with OZ in order to help the people who are experiencing difficulties have proved that all OPZ has the same desire in order to build unity, to realize the power of charity, Indonesia and participate fully engaged in accelerating the contribution of zakat in helping overcome poverty.

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