01 April, 2010

from domestic helper becomes employer

Currently more than 125,000 Indonesian women become migrant workers in Hong Kong. The kind of work as a Domestic Helper or housemaid. Profession as a domestic Helper was willing to be lived as the seductive promises of income for the many people of Indonesia. Minimum wage as a Domestic Helper in Hong Kong today is HK$ 3,580 or equivalent to IDR 3.9 million.

For many women from the grassroots, wage rates are almost equivalent to IDR 4 million, it felt very much. If the previous time in Indonesia, the women were living with sorrow, after the Hong Kong, they feel a person can afford. The money flowing for various purposes. From start shopping for clothes, cosmetics, household needs, to buy electronic goods. For those who are unable to manage, the money works out to spending only a moment for your enjoyment. For some of the concern and care, the money was used to help families in Indonesia and the rest is saved.

Imperceptibly, a lot of Indonesian Workers in Hong Kong who have undergone more than 10 years of work. Many of those workers who actually wanted to go home to Indonesia and ended the job as a Domestic Helper in Hong Kong. But the temptation to accept a fair salary, making them chained in households occupied by their employer. Many migrant workers who return home to Indonesia from Hong Kong, but when he got back home, not knowing what should work. Eventually, the savings work out well in Hong Kong. Comes the temptation to return to work in Hong Kong as domestic helpers.

Almost all the workers on his way to Hong Kong to think that the profession is only temporary. On one day they want returned to Indonesia and live better. But in course of time, many workers who ultimately do not have good planning and management. Be ultimately they undergo cycles: unemployed - become migrant workers - are unemployed again - to become overseas workers again, and so on,

Understanding these conditions, Dompet Dhuafa (DD) along with several organizations involved migrant workers in Hong Kong and economic partners in Indonesia to facilitate the program for realizing the independence of workers. The definition of independence is a condition where the migrant workers coming home from Hong Kong will be able to live in economically secure enough to sustain life. The program includes awareness and socialization in personal financial management, job skills training, entrepreneurship development and halal investment guidance, safe and profitable as an investor.

Many of the workers who now began to pioneer and develop business in Indonesia. Part of this effort is managed by a family worker or a trusted partner in Indonesia. Some others began putting their money in various investments for the establishment and development of Islamic financial institutions which proved profitable. Now some workers have become investors in the establishment and development of the Baitul Mal wa Tamwil (Islamic micro finance).

If all workers independence pioneering program is running well, then the worker will be able to live a better life in Hong Kong after the full task. This success will also bring changes in workers from auxiliary to the employer.

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