03 April, 2011

Amil Zakat Salary

Many people are now involved in zakat work as amil. It is estimated that more than 10,000 people in Indonesia have become amil zakat. There are a amil for ideological reasons, namely to fight for the fate that together serve the people. There are to be amil professional reasons, namely that the party concerned has the knowledge, skills and experience in managing zakat. There is also a pragmatic reason, namely that it is currently able to accommodate the work him is work as amil.

Judging from the time spent on each amil for zakat, then we can divide into: 1) Full-time Amil 2) Amil Part Time, and 3) Amil meantime. Full Time Amil is Amil involved managing the zakat in an average of eight hours a day, five days a week and continued to work throughout the year. Amil Full-time job as amil relative making a major job. Part Time Amil is Amil who do the work of managing the zakat in the number of working hours or job sharing with other professions. Generally, the average working hours are used by Part Time Amil to manage Zakat is less than four hours a day. The amil meantime while the people involved to manage zakat in a very short time, for example, in a Ramadan committees whose time is only three days a year (before the Idul Fitr).

In terms of occupation or profession as amil, many people have a salary or wages regularly. Salary is of course given to Amil Full Time or at least the Amil Part Time. While Amil While, generally do not receive salary or wages. Salaries can be derived from the provision of the right amil (mustahik) obtained from the accumulation of zakat funds collected by organizations that manage zakat. It could also come from other funds (non zakat) which is owned by the parent organization for managing the zakat.

Giving salary to amil given in order to provide fringe benefits for the deployment of labor, time, thought and competence in order to take care of one's zakat. Provision of fringe benefits also aims to foster the spirit of work, sincerity and hard work in carrying out duties as amil. Providing salary amil zakat manager is expected to create serious and fully concentrate on serving the community and develop the charity with the best.

In connection with amil salary scale, ever at a national media published a statement of a bureaucrat associated with zakat, said that there is leadership of Zakat Management Organization, whose salary is Rp 45 million per month. This statement is of course not true, because until now there has been no salary zakat organization leaders who arrive at that number. Though actually, as a possibility, may be one day a head of Zakat organization-paying IDR 45 million or more if the achievement of zakat collection is very large (in accordance with the guidelines fiqh zakat).

Provision of adequate salaries to the amil zakat, actually at this time we need. Besides in order to appreciate the hard work, performance and dedication in taking care zakat that has been achieved, as well as to foster a sense of pride and awaken a sense of excitement to the job as amil zakat. Taking Care of zakat should not create the impression of inadequate or no confidence among some communities because of the work as contemptible or amil zakat is considered low. To wake the glories of zakat we need people who are proud and passionate in managing zakat.

Another reason we need to provide adequate salaries amil zakat is in order to ensure that every Zakat organization still filled by people qualified and competent. Each Zakat organization should be managed by people smart, visionary, skilled, integrity, hardworking and proud of his work to the public. With adequate remuneration would be possible for Zakat organization to recruit the best people and treat him to continue working full devotion in the service and development zakat.

When Zakat organization was not able to provide an adequate salary, then at some point the best people, who have sufficient competence and experience will one by one left the Zakat organization and find a place to move or work in other places that provide better remuneration. Most of the others, may be out of Zakat organization and change course to become entrepreneurs. Meanwhile, another part will work as amil by moonlight for another job in order to cover their needs are not fulfilled from his income as amil. The impact ultimately will lower the concentration, commitment, loyalty and fighting in managing and developing the zakat.

Because it's been so many people involved as amil, then our attention would salary amil this problem we need to improve. We need to give recognition and adequate remuneration, while still maintaining the glory and dignity as amil. Of course all the attention and the arrangement we have to remain assembled within a frame guide fiqh of zakat and a commitment to maintain the mandate to serve the community with the best.

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