24 January, 2010

The Pain of Poor

Sofyan was young, he was barely 23 years old. He should be let out her last breath after the struggle against diebetes mellitus. Illness during the last two years is only minimally treated. Not do not want to Sofyan and his family was treated with a vengeance, but the high cost of treatment, making Sofyan families must count carefully and save. When he was not very severe, diabetes mellitus Sofyan suffered enough mixture is treated with drugs that made their own. Even on his deathbed were, Sofyan only handled by a midwife at home.

Sofyan just a young high school graduates. Works odd jobs, just to cope with the burden that is not idle. Sofyan said the eldest of three brothers. Sofyan's father had died several years ago. While his mother just selling food in front of the house to patch the purposes of everyday life. Every time should be and in-patient treatment in hospital, his mother was forced to borrow money to cover costs. If the longer Sofyan hospitalized, the more loans that must be borne Sofyan family. For families Sofyan, pain is going to deeper poverty.

Sofyan's family story is the description of many families in Indonesia. Many families living just above the poverty line could fall into the abyss of poverty, when there are family members who fell seriously ill. Expensive medical costs, both for the doctor's examination, drug costs, and hospital services to anyone who is poor category will fall into a deeper hole in the valley of poverty. Slogan for free medical treatment costs, especially for poor families, is still limited to ornaments in political campaigns, especially as a speech and local governments.

Until now, this is not enough strong evidence that every poor person will actually be served free of all forms of service (check doctors, medicine, surgery, hospitalization, services, and medical purposes) in government hospitals. There is only excuse for not providing a complete free service to the poor. And we all know that when poor people are asked to pay medical expenses for illness, then they certainly will not be able to.

During the provision of health insurance problems of the poor have not been resolved, do not expect the poverty rate would drop close to zero. Treatment costs to be borne by many families and the poor would almost be an important factor in poverty perch in the two-digit level. With the persistence of poverty rates above 10%, then we still have to watch people suffer poverty as a result of treatment burden problem.

We may have seen someone who was floundering in pain because of lack of blood becomes more ill, because the transfused blood will not be able to price it paid. We had probably never heard of having a cancer in his head, fell on the floor because sharply rejected by hospital officials, just because it does not have enough money as a guarantee of treatment. The pain suffered by poor families getting hurt, while knowing that they can not afford the cost of treating illness.

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